Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feeder Birds 2/23

The flock of 50 to 60 Common Redpolls that were present early in January have long since moved on, but a the number of American Goldfinches have increased to a dozen and a half over the past few days. This morning the first of this season Wild Turkeys pasted through the yard this morning, a total of 7.

A quick vidi-bin clip of one of 7 Wild Turkeys

In "short order" the 3 most common woodpecker species visited the suet feeders on the back deck.
Male Red-bellied Woodpecker showing its red belly.

Another view of the RBWO

First a female Hairy Woodpecker dropped by....

....then a male stopped to feed a few minutes later

We usually have a few pairs of Downy Woodpeckers too, here a  male...

... a female

A male House Finch, 1 of 26 a high count for my yard
Over the next several weeks it will be fun watch the goldfinches molt into their alternate (Breeding) plumage.
American Goldfinch, this one with some color..

....a drab immature or female.