Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fitchburg Airport 10/4/2014

 During the rainy Saturday afternoon (with east wind), I stopped by a few local lakes and the Fitchburg Airport in the hopes that something "good" had been grounded. No uncommon waterbirds had put down on either Round Meadow Pond, Crystal Lake, Notown Reservoir or Whalom Lake.

 At Fitchburg Airport I scanned the runways for about 15 minutes with "only" 20 Killdeer to show for the effort, then I heard a shrill "voice" or two from low the sky. I couldn't find the birds in flight, but after re-scanning the area I was able to find 2 American Golden Plovers, that had likely flown into view from the south end of the airport. They stayed in view for several minutes as they fed in the short grass in typical "stop and go" plover fashion.

A Merlin at Crystal lake Cemetery

A nice array of fall color

One of two Am. Golden Plover

Two Am. Golden Plover "loafing" at Fitchburg Airport.