Sunday, April 6, 2014

Early April Sightings

Winter is finally  releasing its grip on northern Worcester County, its been a late spring....last Saturday I saw people ice fishing on few local pond and lakes. Friday evening there was single male Lesser Scaup feeding in a small section of open water on Round Meadow Pond.
The Scaup was gone on Saturday morning but the two swallows cruising over a small section of open water on Round Meadow Pond (still 75% ice covered)was not a big surprise. The fact both were not Tree Swallows was a surprise, one Tree and the other a Barn Swallow, the Barn likely my earliest arrival date for the area!.

Today at Sterling Peat were several Tree Swallows and one Northern Rough-rough winged Swallow, so 3 swallow species in the area by 4/6! An Osprey showed nicely at Sterling Peat twice hitting the water and once catching a fish.
Scanning the water

beaming in on the target


Returning to the surface

air born

But Nothin ... the Great Blue "crashes" the photo and the Ring-necked Ducks seemed unimpressed