Thursday, November 8, 2007

Winter is coming 11/8/07

Frosted Thistle and MWCC Campus Pond

Temperatures got down to 25f last night, even lingering bird species such as Yellow-rumped Warblers, Gray Catbirds and Blue Headed Vireos have left northern Worcester County. American Robins are still around and usually stay through the winter in limited numbers. The good news has been the recent incusion of irruptive winter bird species are making this winter looking pretty good (aside from $3 a gallon heating oil). I checked a few places , near Mount Wachusett Community College, where I have encountered Pine Grosbeaks and Bohemian Waxwings during previous winters but, found none

Now the colder weather has brought frost, gull numbers have dropped on the athletic fields at Gardner High School. I suspect the frost has driven the earth worms out of reach of the gulls and fall sports are about done so there is little excess "snackage" left behind by the students. I checked Crystal Lake and there were no gulls present, they still are roosting but they move out at day break most of the time. I did see a flock of 13 Common Goldeneyes on the lake and in flight as they flew a "laps" or two around the lake before settling back in.

Crystal Lake Cemetery view from the east side of the lake

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