Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Luck of the Ivory!

An Ivory Gull (adult) Eastern Point Gloucester, Ma.
Chuck Caron and I did a little scouting, for next week's Superbowl of Birding, in Essex County today. We checked out places down in Nahant, Lynn and then back roads of Essex that we'd never birded before. About 1:30PM we decided to head to Cape Ann rather than doing more scouting for land birds. We were eating lunch at Jodrey Pier, before getting out to bird, three cars pulled up with Connecticut plates.
As they got out of their vehicles I spotted a Black-headed Gull flying past, Chuck and I jumped out to get a better look and exchanged greetings with the Connecticut birders, mentioning the passing Black-headed Gull. One of their group said, "hey did you get the Ivory Gull". YOU HAVE OUR ATTENTION ! "Its down by the Eastern Point Lighthouse", which is only a few miles away.
We left Jodrey Pier in our "wake" and the Black-headed Gull "for dead" and were off. Ten minutes later, after being stuck behind seemly some of the slowest %$#&@! drivers in North America, we were watching an adult Ivory Gull, flying back and forth a mere 50 to 100 yards away from the Eastern Point parking lot, with about 30+ other birders. At times the bird would land on and pick at the ice and nearly dissappear, being white on white with the ice. The bird continued its back and forth flight pattern for an hour+, until we were almost....almost.... sick of watching the thing (well.....not really). I digi-binned the few photos here, but judging by the cameras and talented birder/photographers present, real photos will be posted on the web... check for addtional information and photo links.

A fuzzy digi-bin photo of the Ivory Gull.

The bird was initially found by Jeremiah Trimble, who quickly got the good news out.


birdsonthebrain said...

I'm considering driving home this weekend to try to see the Ivory gull, although I'm sure if it will still be around. Could I ask a favor of you? Could you keep me apprised of the gull's presence or lack thereof in MA? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Tom Pirro said...

Make sure you keep an "eye" on, under the sighting. The Gloucester bird was seen yesterday 1/21. Also, there is now another bird in Plymouth, Ma., that also being an adult!! So watch the massbird sightings list, people are updating each day, and beware of the tight parking at eastern point.