Saturday, April 4, 2009

Woodcock and leucistic Chickadee

Thursday evening 4/2, I checked Lake Wompanoag to see if the breeding Common Loons had returned, the lake was ice free but I did not see or hear the Loons. Perhaps, they were around the corner from my vantage point or simply not back yet.
Just up the road I had exsquisite views of 2 American Woodcock at the Wompanoag MAS, the 2 digi-scope shots below are not nearly representative of the looks I had, both on the ground and in flight .
With a low ISO setting on the camera, but too slow a shutter speed for hand-held digi-scoping.

A 1600 ISO setting, faster shutter speed, but grainy image and lacking the rich color of the photo above.

Yesterday 4/3, I heard my first singing Eastern Phoebe during lunch break along the Nashua Rive in Groton. While there, I had a nice look at a leucistic Black-capped Chickadee, I have seen a few similar type chickadees over the years. Here is 2 digi-bin shots below.

Other than the a "broken up" cap it appeared and acted like a normal chickadee
A head-on view

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