Monday, June 29, 2009

Montaque 6/29 (Henslow's Sparrow)

I took a "spin" out to the Connecticut River valley, this evening, to give a try for the Henslow's Sparrow, recently found by Mark Fairbrother in Montaque, Ma. No sooner than I stepped out of the car to exchange greetings with birders already on site, did the bird sing. For the next hour and a half this bird put on a fabulous show, though from a distance, "teeing" up and singing from the middle of the field. It was heard or in view for about 1/2 the duration of my visit.

This was taken through my Pentax Scope with a 19.5X eyepiece.

This was through Sol Satin's scope zoomed to about 40-45X. Neither photos too good, but this bird was at least 205 feet away.
Couldn't have asked for a much better summer evening as this fine sparrow was enjoyed by a friendly group of birders, neighbors and the land owners.


Kallen305 said...

Hi Tom, that looks like the same blade of grass the Henslow's was on when I was there Sunday! ;o)

I guess the bird never keeps quiet as it was singing right the minute we arrived too Sunday morning. Did you meet up with the owner of the land who is trying to get the word out on the bird because they want to build behind that field? He was telling us about that and is trying to get media up there hoping that this bird may prevent some of the development. Very interesting and I am glad you got to see if. For such a small bird he is certainly loud!

And good pics too considering the challenges.

Tom Pirro said...

obviously I was pleased the bird was cooperative. I had seen the pair in Lincoln, Ma. back in 1994 but I recall those birds were not very cooperative when I visited and I only got a brief but nice look. Nor did the male sing while I was present. Yes, i spoke with the land owners, sounds like at least some of the residence are not in favor of a proposed "bio-mass" power plant.

Kallen305 said...

Glad to hear that Tom. Maybe community preasure will prevent it if not deter it some. I didn't know it was for bio-mass though and that't the new thing now so it will most likely pass at some point as they will have no problem getting financing for it.

Take care.

CSmith said...

The article in the Gazette was well timed. My husband found a ground nest last weekend while preparing to move our pasture area. We were facinated by the 5 babies so we watched them for several days and photographed them so that we could look them up later. No need now, We have a Henslow's sparrow family! The nest is now empty which fits the timing I have read about! I can email you my very amature pictures if you would like, but one look at the picture in the paper and I knew it was 'our bird'.

Tom Pirro said...

My email address is :