Monday, September 14, 2009

Mt. Watatic Hawkwatch

Off to a late start with this year's hawkwatching on Mount Watatic, in Ashburnham, Ma., Sunday 9/13 was the first day of "offfical" coverage. Upon arriving on the summit, at 8 AM, the summit was just above the fog and even though the summit is not very high (just over 1800 feet) the scene was quite stunning as the skies cleared.
The peak of Wachusett Mountain, just above the fog, Timerlost Farm is in view in the opening below.
The count for the day was 225 hawks and for Monday 9/14 526 while the numbers were not "big", by Broad-wing Hawk standards, it was a nice start. I have the week off and friends from Maine down to help for the week, we hope for a few 1000+ days....stay tuned. A link to our counts can be found hear:


Kim said...

Much better turnout than Sunday that's for sure, especially the BB's. Hope you all have even a better count today. Just keep eating chocolate that's all! ;-)

BTW: That photo came out fantastic!

Larry said...

What a great view! I had one day of fairly good numbers-1,000+ total.Since then I've just been poking around different locations trying to learn a little myself.I'll be up in Savoy forest on Wednesday and Thursday. Any birding reccommendations in that area?-thanks