Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indian Summer 10/22

After last weekend's snow and frigid temperatures the weather has gotten quite comfortable for the past 2 days. Yesterday a post came across MASSBIRD about a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at the Orange Airport, found by Jeff Johnstone. I just happen to have today off to trim shrubs at my folk's house in Leominster. But, I figured it might be best to let the folks "sleep in" and make the trip to Orange first thing....I'm so thoughful....
After approximately a 1/2 hour of waiting the bird showed up near the airport parking area and was enjoyed by a dozen folks from various corners of the state. Here are a few digi-scope shots:

A "simple pose"

..........Rumor has it the Athol Bird and Nature Club is holding an emergency meeting of the board of directors this evening.....scheming a way to make it "stick" until the Christmas Count! .... its thought :-)

After the Leominstah "trimming festivities", I did some birding in the Sterling/Wachusett Reservoir area. Most note-able was a very tame Ruffed Grouse. I was able to sit down and watch if forage, for 20 minutes a mere 15 feet in front of me, like a barn-yard chicken. While not quite as "tame" or should I say as "friendly" as one that followed me through the woods (in Groton) for 30 minutes back in 1997...this was special. It was tough to photo as darkness approached, but I managed a few shots though the bins.

Just under the cedars near the Rte 12 causeway at Wachusett Reservior.

...Who the #%^@ put the stick in the way!

I actually have a photo, I took of the "1997 Grouse" that is just as close as this one, except in that case I used a 50MM lens on my old Pentax SLR.


Marblehead Chicken said...

Beautiful picks. I was loving the Indian Summer here in Eastern Mass, but it looks like it's over,

Kim said...

Glad you got to see the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Tom. Love the second shot of the bird. It appears as if your thoughfulness paid off!

You seem to have good luck w/ Ruffed Grouse. I can't even get close enough to them for a quick glance, let alone a picture. They always fly off!

Larry said...

Nice birds to get photos of.I always wanted to see a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.