Monday, February 8, 2010

Lowell Gulls 2/8/2010

I made a stop by the UMASS boat house, along the Merrimac River in Lowell, today where decent numbers of gulls usually congregate. Good fortune was with me, as a first year Iceland Gull and an adult Glaucous Gull were mixed within the "scrum" of gulls. Here are a few photos :

First cycle Iceland (kumlien's) Gull
Adult Glaucous Gull, 4th from left, with Ring-billed and Herring Gulls.

a closer view.
showing a short wing projection.


..nice all white primary feathers.

showing a more angular forehead.
Further down river, in Dracut, I had nice looks at a drake Barrow's Goldeneye and a nearby female appeared to be a female Barrow's. Though this female's profile did not look quite Barrow's enough to me, perhaps it was just a function of the bird's posture (having its crown "slicked down"). Back in January, I had seen a female Barrow's type at this same spot, at that time I did not feel confident to call it a true Barrow's do to the head shape, though it's bill was yellow (as today's female was). Unfortunately I had left the camera in the car when I got a good look at these birds.

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