Tuesday, June 15, 2010

East Quabbin 6/15

I spent a few hours in the east Quabbin area this morning and had a few nice sightings, but a female Common Merganser and 5 young (in tow) was the best. There was also a pair of Common Loons in the immediate area and a Bald Eagle offshore on a small island. From what I understand that eagle's nest had colapsed earlier this season and the young didn't make it. I would imagin that eagle pair will find a more sturdy tree for next year's nest site.

A female Common Merganser with 5 young in Petersham (at the location of the former township of Greenwich), a very uncommon nesting species in Worcester County. When they are found nesting in the county, its typically in the Quabbin area.
A Mallard Family from grave's Landing

A nest full of Eastern Phoebe nestlings, the "guy" to the right and front seems a little camera shy.
Last week I found a fledgling Horned Lark at the Gardner Airport, the photo below is not too clear.
Fledgling Horned Lark, alone in this shot but it soon took flight and chased an adult which was likely its parent, seeing only one or two pair nest at this locale.
Several years back (at this location) I watched an adult female walking in the short grass, it disappeared behind a tuft of grass. Upon inspection, the bird flushed and I found its nest in a shallow hollow in the ground, tucked under the tuft of grass.

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