Sunday, March 27, 2011

Neighborhood American Woodcocks 3/27

Paul Meleski and I birded Bolton Flats, Delaney WMA, Sterling Peat and then took a short walk in my neighborhood today. The recent fridged conditions seems to have put the breaks on migration, but we had an enjoyable day afield. But, my personal hilights were just a few hundred yards down the road from my apartment. Amercian Woodcock are easy enough find in the correct habitat, but having a good look in full daylight is another matter. We found one on the lawn of a nearby residence, and when I returned with the scope, for a few digi-scope shots, I found an additional woodcock. Below are some shots I got this afternoon:

This American Woodcock was in the open, and while about 50 yards away was cooperative and easy to photograph. The second bird (below), while closer, was a different story and it always had the upper hand in a little game of "cat and mouse", never allowing an unobstructed view! I took perhaps 200 shots of this bird and ALWAYS there was a stick or piece of brush in the way. But, perhaps that is more fitting and natural for this species (of course.....I am rationalizing!). facing away ..showing large eyes set close to the back of its head. A "peek-a-boo" shot. Nearly in the open... A flank shot. Even this woodcock was feeling the effects of this blustery day. In this same yard we found 8 Fox Sparrows, a leusistic House Finch and across the street was a lesistic House Sparrow. A leusistic House Sparrow.... ...leusistic House Finch.

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Hilke Breder said...

You got some pretty good shots, Tom. I wished I was as lucky! I have been hearing a woodcock late in the evening, but it's been too dark to see much.