Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Horned Grebe (Westminster) 5/10

While scanning Round Meadow Pond, in Westminster, for swallows late this afternoon, I notice a Horned Grebe in breeding plumage. It is not too often I have seen this species in breeding plumage at such close range. Some of the digi-scoped photos are below.

Also skimming the water were Barn (~10), Tree (~20), Northern Rough-winged (~5) and Bank Swallows (~40). Yesterday was the general arrival for Bank Swallows in my local patch, as I'd seen none (this year) before despite looking intently, but about 30 were feeding over the pond.

and a last shot of this little gem, compair with their none-breeding plumage from early November of 2009 at Quabbin Reservoir!

Also of note, one of the Bald Eagle pair (with a slight dark mask) was present this evening, a neighbor stopped by to let me know they were viewing the bird from their deck.

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