Friday, March 30, 2012

MCI North Central Correction (High Ridge WMA) Wind Turbines

Two massive wind turbines where installed near the the MCI North Central prison facility during the winter of 2010-2011. Here is a link to details on the project. I see these turbines several times a week while driving past, on RTE 2 or RTE 140, but I have yet to see either of these turning for 13 months! The few people I have asked about this issue have given me the same answer.... apparently the local substation is not equipped to accept the electrical current from these giants, might have been a handy bit of information to have before spending the $10 million on the project. With any luck (as opposed to planning) these will be opperational in the not so distant future.

I welcome comments should any of my 3 readers know more details about the topic:

Below are a few shots from a 3/19 walk at High Rdige WMA.

Below are a few bird shots from the walk.

Sharp-shinned Hawk
Common Mergansers
Hooded Mergansers


doubletrouble said...

We drove past those yesterday on the way to Gardner, crankin' away at 0 RPM.
Those aren't windmills, they're totems to a belief system.

Tom Pirro said...

Thanks for the post "double" oddly enough I happen to be drinking a Victory Beer product as i type "Hop Devil". Shame the issues with the "grid" receiving the power from the generators was not discovered before the $10 Million was spent. My understanding is the issue is trying to be rectified with National Grid.


Don said...

I hike at High Ridge regularly and, like you, Tom, I've never seen a blade move. Thanks for shedding some light on why. At least you didn't have to use any fancy high-speed photography techniques to get those pictures.

Don said...

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed the state agency in your link and asked why the turbines still aren't in service. I never received an answer.

At least you didn't have to use high-speed photography to get those shots.