Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gardner WWTP 3/22

After I got a haircut Friday morning, I stopped by the Gardner WasteWater Treatment Plant for a few minutes before work. There was a nice variety of birds and I captured the following images during the short visit between 06:31 and 06:48 AM
Three Hooded Mergansers were close to the road.

Same bird silhouetted.

A female "hoodie" taking flight

The trio setting down

These two Canada Geese still had frosty backs from a cold "spring" night.

This Mink was "caught" running along the frozen edge of the Otter River

In mid stride

One of two Great Blue Herons waiting for warmer temperatures to arrive

I spooked these Mallards, there were also 8 Wood Ducks nearby.
John and Nathan Williams found two Yellow-rumped Warblers, in the area, during the Westminster Christmas Bird Count back in December. Wendy Howes saw one them in January and I one in February. Two were present Friday and it would seem reasonable to assume these are the same that John and Nathan found 3 month ago. It is noteworthy these two warblers survived the whole winter in the "highlands" of North Worcester County with last month and a half being particularly harsh!
One Yellow-rumped Warbler

Both yellow-rumps interacting.

A Northern Cardinal was perched high and singing
Other notable birds were a singing Brown Creeper, Winter Wren and Song Sparrows.

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Larry said...

I've never seen a mink out in the wild-nice capture of the action shot.I recently read a book by Jon-something called What The Robin Knows.-Talks a lot about how minimizing your diturbance to birds can lead you to seeing more animals that you would normally scare off before seeing them.