Sunday, January 18, 2015

Crystal Lake Cemetery (Gardner) and Feeders

A "gray morph" Eastern Screech Owl, whom I might add was a "no show" on last month's Christmas Count, was visible early Saturday afternoon (1/17) at Crystal Lake Cemetery in Gardner. Also present were several robins and Cedar Waxwings feeding on some nearby bittersweet.

This "screechie" was enjoying the sunshine on a cold January afternoon, at Gardner's Crystal Lake Cemetery

One of many Cedar Waxwings at Crystal Lake Cemetery, no Bohemians...but maybe soon?
  Recently our feeding stations have been attracting dozens of goldfinches along with Pine Siskins. With recent reports of redpolls in the area it made sense that sooner later one would show up at home. Sure enough...during Sunday afternoons rains one showed nicely on the back deck!
My first Common Redpoll of the winter

A siskin redpoll sandwich!

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