Saturday, February 7, 2015

Late Jan...early Feb feeder birds

Along with the seemingly relentless snow fall has been an invasion of small finches in our Westminster neighborhood. The local flock has built to a minimum of 100 American Goldfinches, 30-40 Pine Siskins, a least 5 Common Redpolls and 15-20 House Finches.
Common Redpoll using one of our perches
This Pine Siskin was fighting off a goldfinch

A "goldie and "white nut" during a recent storm

This goldfinch appears to be kicking the snow

This sisking had been digging for seed

Siskin and goldfinch awaiting a turn at the feeders

Blue Jay moving into "hog" some seeds.

A nice asorment of small finches, Pine Siskin,Common Redpoll,  Am.Goldfinch and House Finch

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