Friday, May 15, 2015

Late April to May 15th

Most migrants have returned to the area, here are a few photos from the last few weeks.
An adult male American Redstart at Crystal Lake Cemetery

Black and White Warbler from High Ridge WMA, in Gardener
A Magnolia Warbler from the Crystal Lake area.

This Savanah Sparrow was looking "sharp" at Sholan Farm in Leominster.

Eastern Kingbird in Baldwinville

Brown Thrasher, one of a pair at High Ridge WMA...collecting nesting material.

This Gray Catbird showed nicely at home.
Green Heron from Neighborhood Road within High Ridge WMA.

A handsome Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the yard.

Back on 4/21 I found a pair of Merlins in Gardner, that were checking out an old crow nest, the male had flown in with prey (a House Sparrow) to offer the female. They were present on subsequent days showing interst in the nesting site and each other. The male flew a "figure 8" pattern around the area and female waited and call from a prominent perch, were the male would join her and they mated several times. The scene has been more quiet in early May, but I did see the female on 5/08 on the edge of the nest, but I have yet to see her incubating, nor the male in the area. During the week of 5/11 I did not see them, on brief perhaps they have not "taken to" the site.
They seem to be "hitting it off" fairly well.

The separation after the "deed".

Female on the edge of the nest 5/8.


Larry said...

Tom-I haven't visited your blog for a while but you've got some great bird photos going on there!

Tom Pirro said...

Thank Larry, I enjoyed your post from Northern Vermont.....north country in good!