Friday, November 13, 2015

Quabbin Gate 40 11/8

We had a perfect Sunday walk at Gate 40 on the 8th, more of a general "poke around" out and back walk to Dana Center then continuing to a large marsh. One high light was gathering some oyster mushrooms which Karin made into a great soup on Tuesday.
The pictorial highlights are below:

A toothed "shelf" fungi, not the oysters we took home.

There were several robins in this stand of winter berry

We saw a few wasp nests

A few autumn meadowhawks were seen flying about.

Karin investigates an old foundation.

Sumac by the road side

Another wasp nest that was torn open

The "round stone" foundation, in Dana Center, with some recent restoration work.

Karin viewing the old school house cellar hole.

Oriental Bittersweet doing what it does best, on a sapling.

This bittersweet vine was supporting the attack of a tall red pine

roots had apparently grown from the tree bark over the dead wood into the ground, for additional support I assume.

One of a few a drake Wood Ducks on the marsh.

A few Oak leaves were holding their color

Another colorful Oak leaf.

One of several Blue Jays near Dana Center
Another foundation with a nice place to "duck out" on a rainy day.

This skein of Canadas flew over, one had an all white head.

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