Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gardner (Fitchburg 1 block) 7/14

Late this morning I walked a field near the Mount Wachusett Community College campus pond, off Green Street, looking for a Green Heron nest. I have seen one or 2 Green herons here several times this year as well as past years. While I did see a Green Heron, I could not locate their nest, it could very well be hidden or in an other nearby wetland.

I managed to see and hear a Savanah Sparrow singing from the adjacent field, a bird I had yet to pickup in this block. This species had been present during past breeding seasons but managed to go undetected this year.

Common Yellowthroat, which had 2 fledglings near by.

The were several Boblinks in the field, both males and females, the male's breeding plumage is now beginning to fade. European Starlings were flocked up in a group of 200-300 birds, mixed juveniles and adults, a few Common Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds were feeding young . Upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 blackbirds roost each night in the phragmities near the campus pond.

A presumed Willow Flycatcher, which did not sing today, but I have heard only Willows from this location this year.

A Common Loon was present on Crystal lake, but I did not see either of the Loons on Lake Wompanoag. A few days ago I saw two adults on Wompanaog but not the chick that was present on 6/27, prehaps this youngster did not survive. I will continue to check the lake from time to time on the outside chance these two adults were not the parents. A few years back, there documentation that a Loon pair on Wachusett Reservoir, just south of here, renested after loosing a very young chick.

Also of note, was a Barred Owl calling, from deep in the woods, about 11AM on this bright sunny day.


Larry said...

Barred Owls make some great vocal noises.I was fortunate enough to get some close up views and even a picture of one this year.-

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,
My son and I will be traveling from Springfield MA to Southeastern MA on August 2nd, spending a couple days down in Lakeville before heading up for a few days in Maine...any place worth stopping that morning for a little birding not too far off the Mass Pike on the way?

Tom Pirro said...


Quabbin Park is not too far off the Mass Pike, here is a link to it.

I don't bird there too often, but there are a few stops that can be good for Worm-eating and Cerulean Warblern (uncommon in Mass.) there are Bald Eagles and Common Loons (not sure if the COLO's nest down this end.

Where in Maine are you going, i will be in the Harrison/Bridgeton area on Long Lake during the up coming week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. We will be in Turner, which is just north of Auburn.