Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barred Owl 1/20/2008

I was leaving home sunday morning, and heard 2 American Crows making a lot of noise in the back yard. They were harrassing a Barred Owl perched about 5 feet off the ground in the back corner of my yard. Soon 2 crows became 3, then 4 and the owl moved to another tree higher up and eventually moved along after the 5th crow arrived. Hopefully it found the spruce grove down the hill where it could hind from the crows.
There has been many reports of dead Barred Owls found on the road sides, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, this winter. There has also been reports of this species from places like Cape Cod, were they are very very uncommon, so perhaps this species "irrupted" from the north adding to our normal resident population.

Barred Owl (digi-binned), was a first for me in my yard!

In Keene, NH, was a flock of over 200 Cedar Waxwings. I carefully looked through the flock for a Bohemian but could not find one. I digi-binned a few photos below. Cedar Waxwing about to swallow a crabapple.
"put the camera down, and nobody gets hurt!"


Larry said...

Barred Owl-nice! Good job with the photo too.-They are some of the coolest sounding birds to listen to.They can make some pretty strange sounds when they vary off of their regular calls.

Anonymous said...

Barred Owls are such great birds! I had the wonderful experience of having a pair (the same pair) nest in my yard for 5 consecutive years. In that time we discovered what a large repitore of calls they have, and it was fun seeing them raise their young. They haven't nested in the yard the last couple of years, but we still usually start hearing them in mid to late January as they are still in the area. Should be any day now.

Mel said...

Beautiful Waxwing, it does seem a little upset! hahaha
Great post!