Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gardner 1/19/2008 (HP)

This afternoon's 7 mile walk was an effort to add to my human powered list for 2008, or BiGBY birding "if you will". Getting off to a nice start where 2 new birds in my yard, 2 White-throated Sparrows and a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

There was little else of note until I reached the bike path parking lot, across from Mt. Wachusett Community College, approximately 15 Pine Grosbeaks showed well. It seems nearly every time I'm out and about, in town, I see at least a few and I am not yet "sick of them". They are more widespread and abundant since I moved to Gardner in 1988! A few of today's grosbeaks were skermishing with each other and making a raspy buzzy "warning" if one approached another too closely.
Moving in for the "kill" Female type Pine GB
This male Pine Grosbeak had some "splotchy" orangey coloration
Moving past the college I noticed a few American Robins but little else. On Raymond Road I found a few more Pine Grosbeaks, these were feeding on, what appeared to be, "buds" of a Black Spruce tree. There are few houses and fewer feeding stations along this road, a few chickadees , crows and a Hairy Woodpecker was about it, late afternoon walks can be quiet.
The return walk home was uneventfull with the exception of picking up another bird for the BiGBY list, a Great Black-backed Gull. Since the closure of the landfill, in 2005, this species is no longer a "gimme bird" in the dead of winter. My human powered list now stands at 37 species, I will be lucky to crack 50 by the end of February, then things will begin change.

This afternoon's list:

Red-tailed Hawk....1
Great Black-backed Gull....1
Mourning Dove....29
Downy Woodpecker....3
Hairy Woodpecker....1
Blue Jay....1
American Crow....6
Black-capped Chickadee....15
Red-breasted Nuthatch....1
White-breasted Nuthatch....3
American Robin....9
American Tree Sparrow....3
White-throated Sparrow....2
Dark-eyed Junco....12
Northern Cardinal....2
Pine Grosbeak....19
American Goldfinch....2
House Sparrow....1


Larry said...

Pine Grosbeaks are still my favorite species that I have seen this year.-I dont thing I'm doing the Bigby year list but maybe I'll do a biking/walking circle counts to get in to the green spirit.

Larry said...

Pine Grosbeaks were my favorite sighting this year.-They are a lot of fun to watch.-I'm not doing Bigby because I just don't want to keep track of that type of list but I'm thinking of doing circle sit lists of places that I've walked to.