Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bohemian Waxwings 4/7 and 4/8

Most birders, in New England, know we are in the mist of one of the, perhaps THE, best Bohemian Waxwing invasion in recorded history for Massachusetts. There was the huge numbers reported from Cape Ann and Cape Cod during the later half of the Christmas Bird Count period, but then they sort of evaporated! In past few weeks they've reemerged and appear to be wide spread across the state.

Sunday morning Chuck Caron found a flock of 122 in Fitchburg at the junction of Rtes 2A and 31, which happens to be only 3 miles from my apartment and right on my commute to work. I missed them on the drive Monday morning, but about 3 mile further on Rte 2A I saw a flock of 42, and one Cedar, right down town. On my return trip I found "Chuck's" birds, about 120, gorging on crabapples in front of a printing company(Boutwell-Ownes) at 31/2A junction.

When I got home I thought of walking back, to add them to my human powered bird list for 2008. It being late in the day I decided against it and went for a walk in the neighborhood. Not 50 feet from the end of my drive way I could sworn I heard a Bohemian call...but it was very windy. Then again....and they were... 3 BOWA's right in front of. I proceeded back in the yard, to add them the yard list, and continued with the walk!

Below are some digi-bin photos from this morning, they were still in front of Boutwell-Owens in Fitchburg. While I was taking a walk during my break at work, this morning, 7 flew overhead calling in Groton, Ma.

"bottom feeding"

Perty sleek looking

Ready to swallow
Striking a rather portly pose and looking more like a penguin, but ready to pack another one down"!
Down it goes!

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