Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Purple Gallinule 5/22 Gloucester, ma.

Karin and I drove up to Cape Ann area, on Saturday 5/22, where we had the opportunity to look for the Purple Gallinule, that was first found Jane and Steve Mirick on 5/15. A couple of birders walking along High Street were kind enough to show us the exact spot they had seen it. Within minutes we had a somewhat obstructed view of this stunning marsh bird. It disappeared in the thick brushy cover, but soon we re-found it. I took several dozen digi-scope shots of the Gallinue as it walked and fed in between the dense vegetation and brush.

an up-right pose
It was busy feeding.....

..looking on...

..showing brilliant white under tail coverts....

..."planning" its next move.
During our visit, the bird remained feeding in the the marsh and along its edge and not venturing to feed in the tree tops.

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