Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Various images from recent travels 5/14-5/18

I had the pleasure of birding with Jim Baird during this year's Massachusetts Birdathon, we started off well on friday evening. We had a pair each of Red-breasted Mergansers, Ringed-necked Ducks and Long-tailed Ducks on the Connecticut River in turner's Falls. Approximately 100 Chimney Swifts were swarming high over the village of Turner's Falls and we saw 4 Common Nighthawks near the local airport.
This pair of Long-tailed Ducks was on the Connecticut River, very uncommon any time inland in Massachusetts.
These Ring-necked Ducks were close by, very uncommon during mid-May.
I birded a bit at Bolton Flats and Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday morning, were an Olive-sided Flycather and Lincoln's Sparrow were hilights. The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on its nest was pleasant. Eariler in May I had seen one on a Forbush Field Trip at Quabbin Reservoir.

Blue-gray Gnatcathcer on its nest.
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak, below, had just landed and leaned forward to pickup some nesting material.
Striking an odd pose!
A handsome male Common Yellowthroat, posing nicely.
This morning I has nice views of the Pileated Woodpecker (below) and managed a few action shots by "digi-binning" with the point and shoot camera through the binoculars (as are all the photos on this post, except the 1st two of the ducks, which were digi-scoped).

Pileated Woodpecker crossing the ski slope at Wachusett Mountain.

..a little closer.

Female Chesatnut-sided Warbler.

Perched Turkey Vulture about to get "goosed" by an oriole!
Bobolink in flight...

...with the landing gear down.

Raven at barre Falls Dam.

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