Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sterling Peat 8/18 (Wilson's Phalarope)

While running an errand early this afternoon, I stopped by Sterling Peat where low water has been attracting shorebirds. I was pleasantly surprised to find a basic plumaged Wilson's Phalarope among the bunch.

On the water

Near Lesser Yellowlegs, there were a 1/2 dozen Lesser Yellowlegs and they tended to harrass the phalarope frequently.


a plain pose
an acrobatic digi-bin shot as it flew toward me.
The previous evening I had a very poor look at shorebird over Wachusett Reservoir which seemed to spend a good deal of time over the water, coursing about. The thought of Northern Phalarope had crossed my mind and I left with the feeling a "big one" had gotten away. That certainly maybe why I had Red-necked on the brain today....IF it had been a phalarpe at all....
***Origianlly I report this as a Red-necked Phalarope, of course it is indeed a Wilson's soon as I realized the error the phone rang and the emails came through...saying "Hey Tom".

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grammie g said...

Hey.. good luck you had on that one...I really like the arobatic digi-bin shot (as you call it)!! ; }