Monday, September 13, 2010

Stilt Sandpiper and Little Blue Heron (Sterling Ma.)

Within the last week, two more "good birds" have made appearances at Muddy Pond, at Sterling Peat. On Sept. 5th Bart Kamp (with Donna Schilling and Dave Grant, I believe) found 5 Stilt Sandpipers, which stayed for a few days. One lingered long enough for me to see upon my return from a hiking trip.

Showing a little leg and its slightly decurved bill.

and feeding.

Brad Blodget had found a Little Blue Heron about 3 weeks back, and it (I presume the same bird, but there is no way to be certain) resurfaced a few days ago. Word got out and I was fortunate see it and return to get a few digi-scope shots.

On the hunt...
Like an old Batman episode...POW!

Bingo...a small sunfish..
"Reflecting" after a good meal!
It seems like every day or two another Great Egret joins in on the fun, the count today was up to TEN.
TEN great Egrets (the Little Blue was not in this photo) and a Great Blue Heron in back.


grammie g said...

Hi Tom...I love the sandpipers..they are just so darn cute !!
What a great batman shot "excellent"!! : }
The reflection photo is real nice!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Tom Pirro said...


Both those species are rare in central massachusetts , they are a more common along the Mass coast (if you know when and where to look). The heron was cooperative and I just got lucky on the "Batman" shot.