Friday, October 1, 2010

Mid September Mount Watatic

Here are some images from the Mount Watatic Hawkwatch, in Ashburnham, Ma., from the middle of September. The results from mid- september can be found at

Looking toward the east summit watch site from the summit cairn.

Steve Hoffman, 3rd from the left, founder of Hawkwatch International and the guest speaker for this year's Eastern Mass Hawkwatch meeting joined us on Sept. 11.
Paul scanning to the east

Preetinder photographing

Its doubtfull there many birds in the sky when every one is looking in a different direction.
" Aurrrr....rogue kettle off ye west flank of Pack...look quick ... so ya don't catch ye scurvy"

Broad-winged hawk in good light.

heading away...

nice tail!

Yes, Broad-wings will soar with a slight dihedrel, certain conditions of strong thermal lift.

Note the "left over" juvenile plumage on the outer tail feathers of this Broad-wing.

Close in Sharp-shin (juv.)

..same "shin" another angle ..note full crop

Distant Bald Eale passing below the summit

Osprey overhead
Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

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