Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MWCC Wind Turbine hits the sky in Gardner 11/23

Taken from Crystal Lake Cemetery.
I stopped by Mount Wachusett Community College, to pick some transcripts today, and saw one of the wind turbines being erected. A total of 2 turbines will be erected near the college, they are very similar in size to the pair just west of Mount Wachuestt and the single turbine at Narragansett Regional High School, in Templeton, Ma.

Here is link to a little more of this MWCC initiative.

Its nice to see efforts utilizing non petroleum based energy and I realize the effort isn't just about dollars and cents. However, I do wonder how fiscally viable these types of projects will be in the long run. Of course us bird people often are concerned about bird strike mortality, but there are certainly considerations of wildlife mortality from petro based energy. One such being the high concentration of methylmercury in the Common Loon population in the northeast USA.

Here are a few digiscope shots of the "head" of turbine #1 being lifted, taken from across Crystal Lake.

While looking through the scope I could make out a persons head in between the head and stanchion (the dark blob in middle of the space).

I understand Ashburnham is planning to install a similar sized wind turbine on Blood Hill, 2 miles south east of Mount Watatic in the near future.

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