Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Northern Cardinal (Female) and Gr. W-F Goose

An illuminated bill!
A few days ago I snapped a few shots of a female cardinal on the back deck. It was windy and her crest was being blown about, which made for one particular comical "pose".

Full "portrait".
a cropped "head shot".
There has been a Greater White-fronted Goose in Milbury for the past few weeks, yesterday I traveled down that way and was fortunate to have some nice views before it and its associates (Canada Geese) took flight.
" floating" with Canadas....
..."on the run"...

...nearly airborn".

Also, was an "oddball" goose, I thought perhaps a hybrid but others have thought a leucistic Canada. After viewing another birder's photo I am inclined to agree. It is a free flying bird that comes and goes with the flock of 175+ Canadas to roost each evening and leave in the morning for feeding grounds.

"My" shot is below.

Any other opinions of the above goose are always welcomed

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Hilke Breder said...

I love the shots of the female carinal - looks like she's wearing a crown. Interesting leucistic Canada goose.