Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Round Meadow Pond 4/26

On my way to the post office this noon I notice an adult Bald Eagle passing low over Round Meadow Pond, in Westminster. I stopped and got the scope on the bird once it landed, managing a few long distance digi-scope shots....a sequence of shots while it "bathed" are below.

I have seen Bald Eagle(s) on the following dates during April:
4/3 1 adult
4/11 1 juvenile (likely 2010 bird)
4/12 2 adults perched a hundred feet away
4/21 1 adult
4/26 1 adult

***a few additional dates :

4/27 2 adults

4/29 2 adults

5/2 2 adults
The possibility of a pair either nesting or prospecting in the area must be considered. There plenty of bodies of water nearby including to support a pair; Round Meadow Pond, Wyman's Pond, Wachusett Lake (not the Res.), Mare Meadow Reservoir, Bickford Pond, NoTown Reservoir...to name a few. BTW, many of the lakes and reservoirs were formed many years ago to "feed" the paper mills in Fitchburg.

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