Monday, April 25, 2011

Recent Neighborhood "patch" Birds

As May approaches its always fun to watch the new arrivals return and pass through the yard and "neighborhood patch". The female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was digi-scoped from the back deck. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Female)

Field Sparrows have returned to nearby sandpit, about 1/2miles from home, Brown Thrasher and Pairie Warblers will not be far behind. Singing Field Sparrow

My first of year Black and White Warbler was seen on 4/20 and I heard another from my deck on the 21st. Rear view of a Black and White Warbler

The American Robin (below) has begun its territorial dispute, with itself, for the 3rd consecutive year....knocking on the glass door every moring. Here its takes a break while I used the deck for morning coffee and birding. American Robin, taking a break from battling with its reflection.

I had yet to see or hear a White-throated Sparrow in the neighborhood this year, but after being awaya few days and returning on the 20th, my first walk yielded over 30 White-throats! One of my favorite bird songs can be heard from home at sunrise each moring, until they clear out in a week or two. Juncos were still in "strong" with over 100 tallied on a 2 mile walk. White-throated Sparrow

I saw 6 Hermit Thrush while during a local walk on 4/22, a digi-bin photo of one of the more cooperative ones is below. Hermit Thrush

While not "super early" for a Black-throated Green Warbler, 4/22 seems a little on the early side, this bird did not sing but came into view while I spished. Black-throated Green Warbler

A little further down the trail this Louisiana Waterthrush (below) reacted nicely to spishing, Like the BT Green above this bird did not sing at all....nor did a Blue-headed Vireo I saw nearby. Louisiana Waterthrush

Off Battle Road, during the 4/22 walk were about 60 Yellow-rumped Warblers and 15 Palm Warblers (below) both these species were singing strong! "Yellow" Palm Warbler

I noticed this "white-tailed" Chickadee in the yard on the 20th a few times since, I did not see this bird during the winter. "white-tailed" Black-capped Chickadee

Saturday afternoon 4/23 this male Eastern Bluebird was in the back yard, last year a pair nested in my neighbor's nest box.
Eastern Bluebird


Hilke Breder said...

Great collection of birds moving through your patch! I saw large numbers of Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers along the CT River.

Jen said...

Wow you get a lot of great birds in your neighborhood!