Monday, November 17, 2014

Lunenburg 11/16

Late Sunday morning, on Lake Whalom in Lunenburg, were 60 Canada Geese, 3 Greater White-fronted Geese, 1 Ruddy Duck, 2 dozen Mallard and 6 American Black Ducks. Whalom Lake is a great spot to observe roosting waterfowl and gulls at dusk, particularly once the surrounding lakes and ponds have frozen over, a little later in the season.

Greater-white Fronted with Canadas

The 3 Greater-white Fronted a bit closer, the greenland race I presume as the bills were orangish to my eye.

On Shirley Lake in Lunenburg were ~450 Canada Geese, 1 Snow Goose, 125 Mallards, 10 American Black Ducks, 16 Ruddy Ducks, 125 Hooded Mergansers, 60 Common Mergansers.

These Hoodies showed nicely

A portion of the goose flock, there was one Canada Goose.
Eastern Bluebirds showed nicely at our feeders in Westminster today and I heard an Evening Grosbeak during an early afternoon walk near the center of town.
On the back deck perch stick

A cooperative Black-capped Chickadee


Larry said...

Always nice to find some greater white fronted geese...send them my way if you can!

Tom Pirro said...

Hi Larry, enjoying your posts and watching your annual hampshire county list continue to progress.