Monday, November 24, 2014

North Central Mass Waterfowl 11/23/2014

Sunday afternoon I checked several lakes and ponds in the North Central Mass area, I saw no sign of the 3 Greater White-fronted Geese in Lunenburg (I reported last week), though Bart Kamp reported seeing them in the morning, nor did I see the "white-bodied" Canada Goose. However, there are many smallish agricultural fields and other bodies of water in the area where other geese could have been feeding. I did not have the time to cover Whalom Lake at dusk, where large number of waterfowl and gulls roost, so dawn or dusk are the best times to visit this small lake.
Some hilights:
-Round Meadow Pond (Westminster): Ring-billed Gull 10, Herring Gull 70, Hooded Merganser 12 and Common Goldeneye 2 .
 -Wachusett Lake (Westminster): Common Goldeneye 12, Hooded Merganser 12, Common Merganser 10.
Saw Mill Pond (Fitchburg): Herring Gull 6, Hooded Merganser 5
 -Notown Reservoir (Leominster): No water fowl at all, though I only checked from one vantage point off Rte2
 -Shirley Lake (Lunenburg), very few water birds compaired to last week, but the adult Peregrine Falcon, over looking that section of the lake, was the likely reason for the lack of waterfowl. Herring Gull 5, Ring-billed Gull 25, Mallard 5, Common Merganser 11, Great Blue Heron 1, Peregrine Falcon 1 adult, Red-tailed Hawk 1
 -Whalom Lake (Lunenburg) Snow Goose 1 imm. Likely the same bird I saw on Shirley Lake last week. Canada Goose 250, Great Blue Heron 1 and ~50 American Crows headed toward Fitchburg (likely to roost).
- Near Stillman Farm (Lunenburg) were: Canada Goose ~750 (I combed through these birds for some time and only came up with Canadas, Red-tailed Hawk 4 adults Mourning Dove 100+, Yellow-rumped Warbler 1, American Tree Sparrow 4, Fox Sparrow 1

Below are a few shots of the Peregrine in various poses perched ~150 meters away:

Using the camera's digital zoom, 

Considering the distance and being a hand held shot not too bad.

There were a few smallish looking Canadas within the "whalom geese" but none were fit into the Cackling Goose criteria.
Imm Snow Goose at Whalom Lake.

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