Monday, April 6, 2015

Early April sightings

Much of the winter's heavy snow fall has melted in the past week and migration is starting to "catch up" a bit. Blackbirds are wide spread, waterfowl such as Green-wing Teal, Wood Ducks, Ring-necked Ducks, Common and Hooded Mergansers are getting some open water. Eastern Phoebes and Tree Swallows are a welcome sight after the long winter.
  I was pleased to see an American Bittern at High Ridge Wildlife Management Area, on 4/5, along with a few Tree Swallows and Northern Flicker. Glossy Ibis are "rare but regular" migrants in Worcester County, but usually down on the Bolton Flats. The 3 were feeding on the Monty Tech (Westminetr/Fitchburg) athletic fields Sunday evening 4/5 were a great surprise, my previous "north county" sightings were summer sightings (post breeding season), both from Gardner.
   Are we sick of Bohemian Waxwings yet? I'm not and finding a flock of 150-175 along with Cedars was real nice, about 30 minutes before meeting up with the  "Glossies". This time in Leominster at an athletic field near Fallbrook Elementary School.
 A few photos are below:
American Bittern in flight

Glossy Ibis trio at Monty Tech

One of the trio preening, careful with that thing!

and srcatching

A Fox Sparrow in Templeton

Part of the Leominster Bohemian/Cedar Waxwing "clan"

Mostly Bohemians in this portion, they were spead in 3 different trees.

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Ricardo said...

I'm only a recent follower of your Blog but I just want to say i greatly appreciate and enjoy your weekly birding updates! I'm a resident of Woods Hole but own a cabin in the woods of Winchendon and your blogs give me a sense what i should be seeing for birds before i head on up to the woods. Great pics as well!

Rick G.