Monday, March 30, 2015

Bohemians continue in Gardner 3/30

This noon Bohemian flock looked to be at its largest (that I have seen) since 4 first showed on 2/21/2015, down the street, at the corner of Green and Matthew's Street. My initial estimate, on site, was for 250+. So for accuracy's sake, I waited for all the birds to consolidate in the maple they prefer, and snapped a photo. After dropping it in "paint" and using a modified "Mirick dot method" I came up with 297.

here is the picture and few more shots from last Monday 3/23:


Here are few shots of the nearby Eastern Screech Owls, from January (Gray) and March 11th (Red), may they enjoy peace, solitude and have young.
The Gray morph

The Red morph

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