Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gardner Heron Colony (4/5/07)

Beaver pond after an early April snow fall

This evening I made a quick stop at the end of Linus Allian Ave. in Gardner to view the small Great Blue Heron Colony. At least a few pairs of Great Blues have nested here for at least 10 years, last year there were 7 active nesting platforms. I didn't spend much time, a few herons flew off as I was arriving and a Black Duck flushed as well. But, one distant Great Blue stood atop its nesting platform, snow covered from last evening's 4" snow fall, giving me an opportunity to "digi-scope" the bird through my scope. It, is older swift scope ... the original cost wouldn't even be enough cover the cost of an eye-piece for today's top end scopes... so the photos will be modest at best.

A Great Blue Heron "standing guard"

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