Friday, June 1, 2007

Osprey Nests in Pepperell (5/31)

During my lunch hour , on thursday 5/31, I took the opportunity to visit the two Osprey nests in Pepperell (and Dr. Dave's ice cream stand). The first nest , which I first posted about on this site back in April, is off Elliot Street "centered" in a beaver pond. An adult was standing in the nest and I could make out the head of at least one young Osprey moving just below the rim of the nest.

This nest, and I would suppose many other large raptor's nests , is a "multi-cultural" dwelling as both House Sparrows and European Starlings were bringing nesting materials into the lower portions of the large stick nest. Occasionally a Starling would get a bit too close to the rim of the nest would and get "THE evil stare" and a vocal warning from the adult Osprey. The Starling was perfectly willing to comply and retreat, knowing it has a good deal going with the "first floor lease" arragement.

The second nest in located high atop a cell tower at Lomar Industrial Park off Rte 111. The adult was standing and did not appear to be incubating eggs, so hopefully young have successfully hatched out in this nest.

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