Monday, May 28, 2007

Raven Nest in Ashburnham 5/28/07

Northern Ravens have not been an uncommon species in northern Worcester County for many years. None the less, I was pleased to find a Raven's nest, with an adult and 4 fully grown young and another adult calling from the wood , near by, in a nest a few hundred yards off Rte 12 in Ashburham. In the Ashburnham 3 block of the Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas project.
Note the Raven's nest toward the upper left side of the support tower
The adult Croaking away, I cut my trip short so as not to upset these birds for too long.


Anonymous said...

I swear I saw a Raven in Attleboro today! It's now a debate with a few folks in Maryland where we're from as to whether or not it was a Crow. I match the strange sound it was making.. I'm a Scouter and know what a Crow looks like! :)Solve this for me would you? Susan Singer

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm in a debate with some Maryland Friends regarding my actually seeing a Raven this morning in Attleboro. It made some clucky/warbly sounds that I'd never heard before. I'm a Scouter and know what a Crow looks like, this one was bulkier. Please solve my mystery! Would I SEE one here in Attleboro, MA? Thanks! Susan Singer