Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gardner gulls 10/27/07

I took a few quick drive to look for gulls and waterfowl on Crystal Lake, Gardner High School and the Templeton Developement Center this morning. There was little on Crystal Lake, about 25 Herring, Great Black-backed Gulls and essentially no waterfowl. At Gardner High there was a few hundred gulls on the varsity football field, mostly Herring, 20 Ring-billed and two adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls. One of the LBBG's in digi-scoped below.

Also of note was one apparent 2nd year gull of which I wonder if its a European type Herring Gull, LBBG or just a very pale American Herring Gull? When I saw this bird fly it appeared to have very worn plumage, perhaps it hasn't yet molted into 2 winter plumage? However this bird is smaller than the near by Herring's and closer to that of the LBBG, the primary wing projection also appears quite short, but could be do to worn primaries. A poor quality digi-scoped photo is below...with an adult Herring Gull and part of a LBBG to the right. I will check with a few folks as to their thoughts on this apparent 2nd year bird.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I must admit, gulls are a group of birds I have not spent a lot of time with. Thanks for the brief lesson.
P.S. Just to let you know that I'm back up posting at Big Spring Birds.