Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pepperell Birds 10/4

This noon I took a lunch break along the back-waters of the Nashua River to see what might be in the area for waterfowl. The visit turned out to be quite productive for a few species that tend to be locally uncommon. First I noticed 5 American Coot, while this species is a regular on certain bodies of water, such as the impoundments at Great Meadows National Wildlife Refudge (Concord, Ma.) I have not seen this species in the immediate area before, though my efforts haven't been extensive.
A few other nice species were 14 Blue-wing Teal, 10 Pied-billed Grebes and an Osprey that had just "pulled up short" on a dive for a fish. Ospreys tend to be very localized breeders in massachusetts away from the coast, but there are a few pairs the nest in this general area.

2 of 14 Blue-wing Teal rest on a downed tree

While pulling out of the parking lot at work (In Groton, Ma.), I notice a sparrow hopping on the lawn. Three evenings ago there was a White-crowned Sparrow in this very spot and thats what it was, still present.

A Handsome adult White-crowned Sparrow working the lawn

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