Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lesser Black-backed Gull (Gardner) 10/23

A portion of the gulls at Mount Wachusett Community College this moring, the LBB Gull in near the center.

Back on 10/12 I had seen 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the Greater Gardner area, the first was a 1st year bird at Gardner High School and the 2nd an adult at Monty Tech High School. Then again on Sunday 10/21 the (or another) adult was present at Crystal Lake and this morning it was on the lawn in front of Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC).
Lesser Black-backed Gull
These birds tend to move about over the course of the day .... major roosting sites (that I know of)are Wachusett Reservior (West Boylston area), Notown Reservior (Leominster), Lake Nagog (Acton), Connecticut River (Turner's Falls) and Crystal Lake (Gardner). There are only a few landfills (we called them dumps when I was a kid) left in the area, one in Barre, Ma. and Westminster, Ma. to attract the larger species of gulls. Gulls move about from the roosting sites and often time feed on grassy areas such as atheltic fields, golf courses, cut or plowed corn fields and of course the landfills.

Last year (11/04/06) I saw a Great Black-backed Gull that was color died green, I only saw it once at the Crystal Lake roost. I was able to find that 2 studies in the north east, one in Maine and another in maritime Canada, had used green die on GBB Gulls.

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