Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White-eyed Vireo (Gardner 5/5)

I was thrilled to find a White-eyed Vireo in a small thicket across from Mount Wachusett Community College, in Gardner this morning. It really "skulked" in the thicket, while I had nice view through the binoculars, it took about 60 shots to finnally get a few good photos of this bird. This is a first for me in Worcester County and particularly noteworthy being so far north and at an elevation of ~1100 feet above sea level.

The bird did not sing at all and scolded only once, when it and a Yellow Warbler crossed paths, it was located about 25 to 50 down the bike path (from the parking lot).

Here are a few of the best shots

The white eye showing nicely
It spent a lot of time in thick cover, but finally came to the edge of small apple tree

With small piece of flower in its bill

I can't exactly recall but this was my 212 or 213 th species I've seen or heard within the city of Gardner over the years.


Kallen305 said...

Such a striking bird, I love its eyes.

You took fantatic photos of it too. My favorite is the one where it has the flower in its bill. Not bad at all considering its so lousy out and birds are in hiding (especially this species from what I have read). Congrats on the find.

Tom Pirro said...

Kim, I don;t have a lot of expirence with White-eyed Vireo, though i had seen a few in Rhode island, where they nest in thickets along the coast. They are also regulars, during breeding season, in south east Mass. to my knowledge, down near the Dartmouth area..but fairly restricted in mass...and I don;t get down that too often...almost never. They usually stick to thickets and stay under cover. Needless to say, this was a good bird for north Worcester County and I just fired away with the camera and got lucky....as they say "a stopped watch is still right twice a day".

James P. Smith said...

Great find Tom! I'm definitely envious of that one. What excellent digibin shots you've taken as well. Nice job indeed.



Tom Pirro said...

Thanks James,
I was very pleased to get that bird in this area. I saw the movement in the thicket, got the glasses on it and saw a big white eye staring back....

Our conversation, last fall (I think) was very helpful, when you told me your technique of digi-binning. I am now using a canon power shot A590 model and also the new Zeiss 8x42 FL's help too :) My previous technique of holding the Bins and camera in front of me and looking thru the LCD monitor was difficult, at best, and impossible to photo in a thicket.

I hope you and your family are well.


sarah said...

morning tom. I have some wonderful photos of a great blue heron here in gardner, ma. I would like to forward them to you if you are interested. thank you sarah

Tom Pirro said...

Hi Sarah,

Sue my email is alurap@verizon.net

Are the photos from one of the heron colony in town?