Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pine Siskins 12/2

Pine Siskins continue to "show" strong at the feeding stations in my neighborhood, this morning a total of 30 decended on the deck. Thus far, the highest count I have seen this fall. Hopefully Common redpolls will soon follow. I have seen reports of redpolls from further north, and have read of a poor birch seed crop in parts of Canada...maybe by the first Christmas Bird Counts?

A recent backyard siskin.

Another nice surprise was a Northern Flicker that passed through the wood lot out back, generally an uncommon species this late in the fall.


James P. Smith said...

Hi Tom,

Nice that you're having such a good time with Siskins in your neck of the woods. Plenty of goldfinches here in Gill but we're still waiting for the first Siskins......and Redpolls for that matter.



Tom Pirro said...

James, many people on the street have feeding stations, that really seems to make a difference in attracting numbers.