Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bohemian Waxwing Invasion Continues 3/19

On 3/17 I came across the flock of approx 140 Bohemian Waxwings on Lake Street in Gardner and today near Heywood Hospital (Green Street) about 225 to 250. Sure this year's spring migration is sluggish..., but with a show like this ....who cares!

Here are a few images I have recently taken:

Note, after "dropping" a full size version of the photo below into PAINT, and counting while placing a colored dot over each bird,  I came up with 219 BOWA"s in the photo. Then adding the 40-50 that were feeding nearby would bring the total to between 259 and 269.
It may not look it but there is 190 to 200 Bohemian is this photo, there were another 40-50 feeding in a nearby crabapple as well!

Nice early morning light.

The traditional reach and grab.

Using a different technique!

A wing stretch.

Posing nicely!

Ready to swallow
NO fruit for you!
While the uncommon Bohemians tend to "steal the show", when you can find them, our "resident" Cedar Waxwing is quite a handsome bird too. A few recent shots of this local breeding species!

A Cedar Waxwing looking pretty "smart"
Cedars can do some fancy picking too.

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