Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 14 & 15

I have scanned the Westinster "industrial Landfill" from a nearby hillside, the past few days, 100-200 gulls have been present and a least Iceland Gull was mixed in. Gulls have also been loafing on the Fitchburg Airport runways, the attraction is a large waste transfer station "next door". Saturday was tough viewing, they were mostly obscrurred by high snow banks or at the transfer stations (out of sight), but Sunday many were in the open. I was able to pick out 3 Iceland Gulls among the "scrum" of ~500 gulls. The break down was ~450 Herring, 40 Great Black-backed, 3 Iceland and 2 Ring-billed Gulls.

The Iceland Gulls present were 1 first winter, 1 second winter and an adult.
Aircraft  coming and going will put up the gulls, I did not see any close calls.

This adult Bald Eagle was pushing the gulls around the Westminster landfill, and at "this" point was on nearby Saw Mill Pond.

Bluebirds still coming to our feeding stations daily.

A male House Sparrow waiting for a turn at the feeders, fortunately only 1 pair resides near by.

A Wood Duck, near River Road in West Boylston, always welcome after a cold snowy winter!

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