Monday, May 28, 2007

Veery Nest Pisgah State Park (NH) 5/25/07

Chuck Caron and I were birding on Old Chesterfield Road in Pisgah State Park, in south west New Hampshire, on Firday 5/25. I noticed a bird flushed from only 5 feet in front of us, this thrush was a Veery and perched about 20 feet away. We immediatley suspected it had a nest in front of us, only a few feet from the road (a lightly used dirt road). I was able to find a nest (with a dead leaf in it) and said "here is a nest", Chuck pointed out "it must be last year's, because here is one with 4 eggs in it". These 2 nests, the old and new, were only about 12 inches apart and a foot or two off the road.

An old Veery's nest
Veery nest with eggs

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